Saturday, January 23, 2016

ARCHIVE POST: Earthquake & Tsunami

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

EDIT - I'm replacing the long winded original post with a follow up. When the Quake hit Japan I was working on the cover to Rombies#2. It was big and so were the aftershocks, which kept coming for months. I closed the file for the cover art and opened a new blank document. This is what I drew;

It was shared and used in many places. It made it on the front of Japan times, went on a t-shirt for fund raising and eventually became the cover of a book (which also donated profits to support rebuilding Tohoku). Image below is pulled from the Aftershock website;

Much like the first time I wrote about the tragedy of that day I am not sure how to end this post.So lets just do it. At this full stop.