Saturday, September 10, 2016

Unused Character designs

Although I didn't get the gig, The super awesome Darl Toh got it and killed it. He's such a great artist. Here's some concept art that I did for the client;

Random Artwork 02

Another concept for something I was working on long ago:

Random Artwork 01

Concepts for something I worked on ages ago:

Insights from 18 Australian Creators

Look here for insights from 18 Australian creators tweaking the sequential craft. Including one interview with me. Its great to read about all these creators and frankly, inspiring.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Sleeping Beauty inks

Some footage of me inking my Sleeping Beauty art for StartSomeGood/Think +Do Tank/ Lost in books. This is the final of 6 images created;

Monday, July 11, 2016

Snow White inks

Some footage of me inking my Snow White inks art for StartSomeGood/ Think Do Tank/ Start Some Good;

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sinbad Inks

Some footage of me inking my Sinbad art for StartSomeGood/ Think Do Tank/ Lost in books;

Friday, July 8, 2016

Tam & Cam inks

Some footage of me inking my Nam & Cam (Cinderella) art for StartSomeGood/ Think Do Tank/ Lost in books;

Thursday, July 7, 2016

KONG Japan Advertisement

Here's a quick advert I did for KONG

Cosmo (our dog) has been making appearances in magazines/ newspapers/ online here in Japan. I thought it might be fun to start posting them on the blog.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Layla & the Wolf/ Little Red Riding Hood inks

Some footage of me inking 'layla and the Wolf/ Little Red Riding Hood' for StartSomeGood/ Think Do Tank/ Lost in Books;

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Aladdin inks

Here's some footage of me inking my Aladdin pencils for StartSomeGood/ Think Do Tank's Lost in Books Project;

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Political Cartoon (The Kimberley Rum Company)

Political/ satirical cartoon about rebates/ etc for companies for the Kimberley Rum Company making alcohol in Australia (I live in Japan and this is pretty foreign to me so please don't ask about the details. I do know that Booze is pretty damned cheap in Japan so alcoholics; be weary). Basically they are not getting a great deal.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Awesome society6 merch from my good friend Daniel McKeating

Awesome society6 merch from my good friend Daniel McKeating from Studio Lost&Found - Who I have been lucky enough to work with on various projects in the past, such as illustrations for the Chalice Bridge wine label designs 'The Quest'. I want this merch and I think I'll be looking into society6 myself. Looks like a cool platform.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Park Home Tokyo hotel safety video

Some screenshots and back ground image assets from an animation I did for the Park Home Hotel Tokyo. Paintings over photo references, use of textures etc, Character animation and motion graphics in After effects were also used in the safety video (not linked here - yet).

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Vowels/ Yongen Concept Art

Concept Art for Yongen Rococco Music Video (Based on the book Vowels). There's a lot of work that I did on this which is yet to see the light of day. Animation on this project was left at about one fourth complete. I'd like to get back to it at some point in the future, For now Rombies is on top of the pile of projects to work on.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Caricatures (from 1995)

These are part of a set of 52 Caricatures commissioned by Get Positive Productions way back in 1995.


Sunday, February 7, 2016

About Mel.

With the late Mel Tregonning’s Facebook page recently being memorialized, and although I am not good at this kind of thing at all, I thought I would share some thoughts.

I studied with Mel at University and spent a lot of time with her, eventually bringing her on to Gestalt Comics projects. I had hoped to send work her way and was - like all of us - very upset to learn of her passing.

I’d imagined we would work together on something in the future, possibly helping her build a career from her art. She certainly had the talent. Like many who knew Mel we all saw her as a creative force. I miss hanging out at art events with her. Mel, you are missed.

You can download her comic NIGHT, from our Flinch anthology, here.
A gallery of her work can also be seen via her DeviantArt account here.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Rombies#2 Colors

Rombies#2 is now in the final colors stage. Looking forward to Finally getting it out there.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Welcome to my new blog!

My last blog was underutilized over the years, especially when I was working in the games industry. In this new blog, I hope to post more content and be more active than I have previously been. Theres a lot of things happening in my studio and I've not shared any of it with anyone. It's a bit of a shame. Let's change that here.

NOTE: All Archive posts that follow are old posts from my previous blog, should anyone be interested in going back over some of the things I've been doing.

ARCHIVE POST: The DEEP animated TV series trailer

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Very proud to have been involved in this. Especially happy to see that my 'The DEEP' Logotype made it to screen as is. Season 1 has 26 episodes for you to enjoy. Check for more info on the series. So damned cool. Congrats to Tom and James and everyone involved.

ARCHIVE POST: Wastelander Panda

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Unofficial Wastelander Panda art;

ARCHIVE POST: Wastelander Panda book

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

The Wastelander Panda DVD release includes a 100 something page comic book (by Victoria Cocks, adapted by Wolfgang Bylsma) which I Illustrated With cover art by Justin Randall;

ARCHIVE POST: Happy New Year

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

2014 was a strange year for me. Here's hoping that 2015 has more awesome in it.

ARCHIVE POST: Seasons Greetings!

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Happy Holidays all. See you in the New Year!

ARCHIVE POST: Glen Vilppu visits Tokyo

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Last week I was lucky enough to spend two days with a real Master of Masters, Glenn Vilppu teaches professionals at Disney and Dreamworks amongst other places. He set down a set of 'tools' we can use (in what he calls the software of the mind) to draw figures in the manner that the Renaissance Masters were thought to have.

Here are a few of my sketches from what I have to say was an extremely invigorating and inspiring lecture session;

ARCHIVE POST: Killeroo Art

ARCHIVE POST: Vowels wins Ledger award

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Although late in posting this, I am extremely proud to be the recipient of a Gold Ledger award for my work on Vowels in 2008. This is to say the least a HUGE honor. Vowels is the book which brought Wolf and I together to form our company; Gestalt Publishing.

More recently Vowels was reviewed on the Capsule Computers website scoring a smile inducing 10 out of 10. Some sample comic pages can be found here.

UPDATE - Some pictures of the event (Which I was unable to attend). Other Gestalt books I assisted on - Changing Ways and Flinch also took home awards. Very happy about this;



*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

It could happen (Brush & Ink, Photoshop).

ARCHIVE POST: Happy New 2014

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Here's a picture summing up how 2013 felt for me, looking forward to being healthier- mind and body this year. Ding ding! Here goes another round.

ARCHIVE POST: SDCC Gestalt Comics Lineup!

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

These 3 books debut at the San Diego Comic Convention this year and did exceptionally well. I know because I was there and worked on all of the books as Art Director and Publication designer. As in keeping with Gestalt traditions, all three books are exactly the kinda thing I'd like to read and having read them more than once, I can confidently say that fans out there will really love this stuff.

You can find the books on the Gestalt website and you can read about Tom Taylor putting the challenge out there to get some Deep cosplay happening (c'mon, look at the Nektons - how sexy would they look in real life? I second that challenge!).

The DEEP cosplay! Make it happen!!

ARCHIVE POST: Skye at the San Diego Comic Con

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

In just a few days I'll be leaving Japan, flying over to the San Diego Comic Convention where I will be manning booth #4500 and will be there daily for signings/ to scribble on your books/ I'll be available to scribble over your Rombies copies.

Writer Tom Taylor will also be taking some time out from a galaxy far far away to sign your copies of Rombies and, should you be bold enough, we will take your photo for your chance to appear in future issues as a Rombies Extra! Be zombified for posterity! 

Here is where we will be on the floor (insert beer joke here) Look forward to seeing you all!;

ARCHIVE POST: Rombies#1 Online. Free.

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

I really really should have mentioned that Rombies #1 is available to read online for free over at a few new pages a week go up but hopefully the full issue should be up soon. By all means please, check it out!

ARCHIVE POST: Earthquake & Tsunami

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

EDIT - I'm replacing the long winded original post with a follow up. When the Quake hit Japan I was working on the cover to Rombies#2. It was big and so were the aftershocks, which kept coming for months. I closed the file for the cover art and opened a new blank document. This is what I drew;

It was shared and used in many places. It made it on the front of Japan times, went on a t-shirt for fund raising and eventually became the cover of a book (which also donated profits to support rebuilding Tohoku). Image below is pulled from the Aftershock website;

Much like the first time I wrote about the tragedy of that day I am not sure how to end this post.So lets just do it. At this full stop.

ARCHIVE POST: On my desk this week

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

ARCHIVE POST: Belated happy new year all.

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

ARCHIVE POST: Some work printed

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Well, First post of 2011 and I get to show some work I wasn't allowed to show last year. Sweet.

The Quest is a range of six wines that I was lucky enough to collaborate on with West Australian based studio Lost & Found.  Based on the Knights Templar and the search for the cup of Christ this was a lot of fun to research and Illustrate. Here are two of the figures below;

ARCHIVE POST: Some work going to print

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

A sneak preview of something that I had been working on with Australian Branding specialists Lost & Found.  I will of course show more when more comes. Here are some test prints for the label. What kind of label? More to come... 

ARCHIVE POST: Rombies is coming

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

Info on the upcoming Gestalt Publishing Rombies series on writer Tom Taylor's site and a new site for Rombies here. Things are moving forward. please be patient, I assure you it will be worth the wait (although I can't wait for it either!). UPDATE; yup, thats the same pic on the screen on the Cintiq in the post below.

ARCHIVE POST: Cintiq 21UX day

*The following is a repost from my old blog: Sketches of Skye

I now have a shiny new Cintiq 21UX sitting in my already cramped studio - On its screen something you will be seeing more of soonish. I'm so happy I finally made the decision to get it and I'm looking forward to working on it. Which will be in a few minutes. I have a logo that needs designin' and a picture that needs drawin'. Wish me luck.

After a wee bit of fiddling about I've settled on the Cintiq as being my main screen with the other housing things like a second work window for Photoshop or say the hundreds of floating windows that I sometimes have open.  Websites and itunes now sit in it and I need not watch footage the way I used to.

My other intuous tablets are essentially obsolete. I wont use em unless I'm going on a trip somewhere with my laptop. Not that I mind, A week in with this thing and I can't imagine going back. Money well thrown at someone else. Even if it was a big fat wad o' cash that I kinda missed. I don't miss it now.